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Although I live a life in retreat from society, this time there were many good reasons to come to town an propose a very special spiritual event to you.
First reason, it will be the last Newmoon of 2018 and at the same time a portal day, which gives me wonderful conditions to transmit a maximum of light frequencies.
Second reason, it will be one of the last spiritual events in MEIN RAUM, as that project is in a state of change and will reappear in another space and time. To honour the work of Marie, an old friend, I was thinking a great sound and light experience would be a good thing.
Third reason is I want to practice and spread bhakti and surrender around with two wonderful souls called Sam and Marija, by singing together some Mooji Bhajans and others.

That’s the plan:
Marie and my Self are for the first time composing together a sound bath for you, two experienced soundhealers at the same time will bring you purification and soundmeditation with many tibetan sound bowls, gongs, monochords, elfs harp and others.

After that I will provide you a transmission of light frequencies during 30 minutes, which willl rise your own energylevel to a maximum possible, which will have a deep impact on your voice and mantra singing. I will prepare some Prasad and immerge it in light.

Finally, Sam and Marija are inviting you to join the Bhajans and Mantras their propose, we will accompany you with the harmonium, but if ever somebody is playing tabla, feel free to join us. We will practice open heart singing together, after that, we’ll share the Prasad. Namasté, Nalu.

Vendredi 7 décembre 2018 de 19:30 à 22:30

The place: Mein Raum, 6, avenue Berchem, L-1231 Howald
The price: 40,-€ and possibility of donation for Sam and Marija in respect of their wish.
You need: 1 meditationcoussin or coussin, 1 blanket (may be), 1 bottle of water
Please register by PN or email, Places are restricted.
Nalu : klangundenergie@gmail.com or PN : Nalu An Ra

Let us join again all together for chanting and praying before Chrismas in a cosy room, good for meeting in the winter.
Possibility to come by train or bus

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